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Helen's Highlight

The Health Factory Nano Minerals

By Helen Beliën March 22, 2018 1254 Views No comments

The need for high quality minerals is becoming clearer, and I often get the question which minerals are the 'best' ...


By Helen Beliën February 16, 2018 447 Views No comments

We are surrounded by electromagnetic frequencies from our phones, computers, tablets and the available WiFi. There is growing concern about the health effects of this exposure.

Creamy Latte by Sweet Revolution

By Helen Beliën November 14, 2017 639 Views No comments

Now that the weather is getting colder again, what's better than a hot cup of tea? The creamy latte by Sweet Revolution! You can easily make these vegan drinks yourself by adding hot water or your own favorite milk substitute.

Bikun Detox

By Helen Beliën September 12, 2017 857 Views No comments

We have again imported a unique product to the Netherlands; Bikun "Detox Baths". Detoxing is very popular and can be done in various ways: juice, herbs / supplements, hydrocolor therapy and so on. The technique called "Detox Bad", or "Derivative Bath", was developed in Germany...

Terra Wash + Mg

By Helen Beliën May 2, 2017 327 Views No comments

Finally, I found the solution for my laundry! I actually wanted to stop using normal laundry detergents for a long time, even though I'm using vegetable and eco friendly products.

Opti3 Omega-3

By Helen Beliën March 14, 2017 259 Views No comments

Lately we have seen an increased demand for omega-3 supplements, also in the form of krill or fish oil. Since I do not ingest anything of animal origin, I have searched for an alternative and found it!


By Helen Beliën February 15, 2017 260 Views No comments

Nowadays you hear everyone about the importance of magnesium for our bodies, but why exactly do we need it, and what is the best form?


By Helen Beliën January 12, 2017 213 Views No comments

Wheatgrass... nowadays you can find it everywhere and in dozens of different forms. But I find that the most special (and most powerful) form of this amazing little plant is the Wheatgrass Plus with Root.

Original Superfoods Chocolate Bars

By Helen Beliën December 5, 2016 190 Views No comments

It's December again... wonderful... but a lot of temptations... And nothing is more humane than having an occasional tasty snack ... We have finally found THE raw chocolate bar which we totally love; Original Superfoods chocolate bars.

Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer en Recovery Accelerator

By Helen Beliën November 15, 2016 188 Views No comments

I am an avid runner (the New York City Marathon is on my bucket list!) and two products from Vega Sport are indispensable to me: the Pre-Workout Energizer and the Recovery Accelerator.